Why UConn?

Online courses, online certificate programs, and online degrees are at available from dozens of sources across the US. What makes the University of Connecticut different?

  • The University of Connecticut is a nationally recognized institution founded in 1881.
  • UConn has been offering online courses and programs since 2000 to students from throughout the U.S. and across the globe.
  • Our academically rigorous online courses are the same courses that are offered on the UConn campus.
  • Online programs and courses provide the flexibility and convenience of distance learning without sacrificing UConn’s high educational standards.
  • Online courses are taught by the same top notch UConn faculty that teach on campus.

“UConn faculty are exceptional and have true passion for the subjects they teach,” says one online learner. “They have many have years of experience in their academic and professional fields, and their love of teaching is apparent.”